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Today I am showing how to use Chrome powder and how to help it stay put.  In this step by step nail art design I am going to share a few tips and tricks on a simple chrome design with a matte 3D nail art finish.


Create Your Base

Step 1. Apply your base coat and cure in the lamp, I am using SBD London base coat and curing for 60 seconds in an LED lamp.

Step 2. Apply your base colours.  I am using pink number 082 and black 001 from SBD London’s individual collection.  I will be using our Pink Chrome over black to help give depth to the chrome colour, you can also use a lighter colour or similar colour to your chosen chrome colour if you like, there is no right or wrong way! Cure the first layer of polish, (60 seconds LED lamp) and reapply a second coat and cure.

Step 3. Using Rachael Wilders Flexi top gel, apply top coat to the black nails and cure.  Chrome powders need a tack free surface to achieve the chrome finish, Rachael Wilders Flexi top gel is brilliant when wanting to achieve a shiny chrome look.


Achieving a Chrome Finish

Step 4. Using a sponge applicator, pick up a small amount of Pink Chrome powder – you only need the smallest amount, a little really goes a long way.

Step 5. Rub the Pink Chrome powder over the black nails till all of the area is covered.  Clean up any excess.

Step 6. Apply base coat over the Pink Chrome nails, this helps to seal in the chrome and gives an extra layer of strength for wear.  Full cure in the lamp.


Create Simple 3D Nail Art

Step 7. For the next part of this design, I will be adding some little hearts.  I’ve decanted some 001 Black, 002 White and 082 Pink from SBD London onto my art palette.  I will be using the Nail AddictionX 5mm brush and pouring Rachael Wilders Clear Candy acrylic powder over the hearts to give a 3D velvety matte effect.

Step 8. Using the Nail AddictionX 5mm Detail Brush, create one side of a heart, then the other.  To create the point of the heart, lift the brush to use light pressure, the lighter the pressure the finer the point.  Do not cure at this point.

Step 9. Add more hearts using your mixture of gel colours.

Step 10. While the gel hearts are still uncured, pour over Rachael Wilders Clear Candy, be generous as this will add more height and texture to the hearts.  Use your lid or catch tray to catch falling powder.

Step 11. Tap off excess Rachael Wilders Clear Candy and cure in the lamp. I like to double cure to ensure the gel is properly cured. Apply Rachael Wilders Velvet Top Gel to the pink polished nails & cure.

Step 12. Once cured, dust off excess powder and your design is finished!


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Take care, Lisa X

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