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Guide showing you how to create a french gel polish nail art design

Today I am going to show how to create a  modern French gel polish with a twist so you can showcase your nail design skills.  Its a question I have been asked with the focus points being: how to make a curved smile line French and not a straight white free edge, and how to create a white free edge that doesn’t create a height or bulbous free edge.

French polish nails are classy and elegant, perfect for any occasion or any outfit, but today I am going to show how to easily jazz them up and add a little sparkle.

Create your Nail base:

Step 1. Starting off with SBD London base coat on all nails, then full cure into the lamp for 60 seconds. (I am using an LED lamp) 

Step 2. Choose your base colour.  I have chosen number 11 from the SBD London Simply Shimmer collection.  For a tidy polish, wipe one side of your brush off on the neck of your gel bottle, turn the brush around so that the side with product is being placed on the nail.  Place the brush on the nail close to, but not at, the cuticle area. (see fig A).  Then push back the brush toward the cuticle and pull forward to the free edge. (Fig B & C).

Step 3.  For the sidewall areas, place the brush in the centre of the nail close to, but not at, the cuticle, sweeping out toward the sidewall and pull the brush straight down toward the free edge.  Repeat for the opposite side.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 for all nails, then cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.

Step 4.  Once cured, repeat steps 2 & 3 and apply a second coat of gel to each nail.  Cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.

Perfect your Nail Art Design:

Step 5. Using our Nail AddictionX 11mm gel art brush and a drop of SBD London 002 White gel (decant onto a palette), I am going to create the smile line.  Run the tip of the brush through the polish – you only need a small amount.

Step 6. Start with your centre dot, this is your guide to how low you want your smile line.  Then add a dot to the outer sidewall area, this will determine the height of the curve for your smile line. Add 2 more guide dots for your shape.

Step 7. Starting at the centre dot, use the Nail AddictionX 11mm gel art brush and join the dots, repeat on the other side.

Step 8. Using the Nail AddictionX 11mm gel art brush, fill in the free edge with the white gel polish – do not use your gel polish bottle brush, this is what causes the bulbous height.

Step 9. Repeat steps 6, 7 & 8 on the rest of the nails. If you wanted you could leave it here and add some Rachael Wilders Flexi Top Gel to have a simple elegant french nail.  Follow my next steps to add a little sparkle.

Create some Nail Sparkle:

Step 10. The Nail AddictionX 3D nail art brush is great for 3D acrylic work, but its also great for adding gel designs.  Using the Nail AddictionX 3D nail art brush, pick up some clear gel (base coat) and dip into the ‘Cosmic’ glitter from our pixel collection and add it over the white free edge and cure.  Cosmic (and the other pixels) are beautiful over white due to the multicolour shift when the nail moves.  Cosmic gives a stunning green / blue and pink colour shift. Cure in the lamp.

Step 11. Using SBD London gem glue gel, pick up a small amount on a small brush (Nail AddictionX 5mm is a perfect size) and brush onto the nail where you would like to add crystals, float over Rachael Wilders Flexi Top Gel over the entire nail, do not cure at this stage. Using the Crystal Picker Precision Tool, pick up and place nail crystals where you would like.  I’ve used pink opal flatbacks, ss5 & ss8 AB flatbacks to compliment the set. Once placed, cure in the lamp to hold crystals in place.

Step 12. Add Rachael Wilders Flexi Top gel to the remainder of the nails, full cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.

We hope you like our French Manicure Nail Art design. Nail art is all about tips and tricks so if you try out our products and use these tips then don’t forget to tag Emerald Nail Art Supplies on your Social Media! We have used gel polish products from in our earlier steps and you can view them on their website.

Lisa x


  • February 14, 2021

    Joleene Mcd

    Love this Lisa. going to try it at home.


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