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Brushes/ Tools

Here at Emerald Nail Art Supplies we understand creating nail art requires using the correct nail art brushes and tools. A set of nail art brushes is a great place to start. One of the important things to consider when purchasing a Brush is its shape. Keep in mind what you will use the brush to do. The finer the detail the finer the brush required.

All the Nail Art Brushes we currently stock are all made with kolinsky hair except the Gel Ombre Brush which is synthetic .Our Nail AddictionX brushes are made with 100% Kolinsky Hair. Brushes made with kolinksy hair makes the application more flawless and smooth.  This helps to give flawless results to any nail design. Kolinksy hair is a more expensive hair to have in a brush compared with synthetic and nylon etc. The right Brushes make a smooth application of our range of Nail Glitters and Nail Decals.

Should you require more guidance on the use of any of the brushes we stock then please get in touch. Follow our private Facebook Group for inspiration and nail art design ideas.

We also run a YouTube channel with great step by step videos on Nail Art application and design tips. Follow our YouTube Nail Art channel here. For Nail inspiration and everything nail obsessed please subscribe.

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