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Handgeline – Poseable Silicone Hand


Comes with free holder / stand.

Poseable Silicone Hand ideal for practicing nail art designs / techniques and creating lifelike photos for your social catalogue. Important information before puchasing.

Tips to look after your Handgeline:

  1. Poseable full hand. Hand and cuticle are soft and life like, avoid using file on silicone to avoid tearing, if you need to file your practice nail, we recommend removing it to avoid damage to the hand and aid the life/quality of your practice hand
  2. To keep free from dust & glitter, clean with warm soapy water
  3. Suitable for gel & Acrylic use
  4. Do not force oversized tips into cuticle area. Ensure to be gentle when sliding in nails and taking them back out.
  5. Do not bend hand / fingers into unnatural positions to avoid inside wire from snapping as this could ruin your hand,

Emerald Nail Art Supplies are not responsible for damage you may cause to your Handgeline.

See below for more photos of our Brand New Handgeline.

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